Teaser of our new digital assembly «manual»

In our strive to secure the same optimal quality for all HighComps deliverables to the aquaculture, we have made an digital assembly «manual».

As an EPCI contractor HighComp does engineering, procurement, construction and installation for our clients. Our tanks and LESS-STRESS™ walk-way-bridges are nearly “finished from factory”, which saves our clients months of construction. We produce large elements, that just needs to be assembled at site. To speed up the construction and installation time even more, we have made a digital assembly manual for our team. Pleace view our teaser of this manual.

There are multiple advantages for a digital assembly manual. Our full manual gives our team all the information needed through the assembly process at our customer’s site.

We currently participate in projects, and have clients all over the globe. One of the main reasons for us to digitalize the maual, is to have the opportunity to hire a local team to help with the assembly at site abroard. This reduces costs, both for us and the clients. The local team can view- and learn the process before the assembly starts – which also reduces the installation time.

Note! HighComp will always supply supervisors on site throughout the entire assembly process – in order to uphold our company’s strict certified QHSE.

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