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Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks

Our fish tanks are always pre-produced in our factory, using the material GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester), also called composite. This is a strong and flexible material, that scores high in many areas. The extreme weight-to-strength ratio provides lower construction and development costs. We produce circular and octagonal tanks that match our costumers needs. Variations in size, both height and diameter.

LESS-STRESS™ bridges

Walk-way-bridges in composite for landbased and offshore fish farming. We call our bridges for LESS-STRESS™ because of the stress reduced advantages. Clients are reporting that reduced noice and -visual impact from people crossing the tanks – results in a less stressed fish.

LESS-STRESS™ bridges
Water Treatment Tanks

Water Treatment Tanks

HighComp has launched a new product with the same high quality and advantages as our fish tanks and LESS-STRESS™ bridges. The Water Treatment Tanks are optimal for storage of various mechanical and biological filters and equipment for removing gasses such as N2 and CO2. They are build up with the same technology as the octagonal tanks, and makes a good match with our other products.


We have a highly qualified engineering department, holding good knowledge of our costumers needs, as well as specialized knowledge and methods from composite engineering. Our engineering group consists of highly skilled engineers with a vast knowledge of design, fabrication and structural analysis of composites – always in accordance with local regulations.


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HighComp stands for High Quality Composite, and we pride ourselves on being a world leading EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) supplier and produser of large composite constructions for the aquaculture industry; both land and marine fish farms, tanks and fish farming equipment.

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