• AquaFarm

  • Octogonal shaped tanks

  • Gangbaner

    Walk-way bridge

  • Gangbro til oppdrettskar, fiskeoppdrett.

    Walk-way bridge

  • AGA Halibut


HighComp specializes in large constructions!

Our nature given advantages combined with experience and competence has led our company into large and complex projects/products for Oil&Gas, Wind-power and Aqua Culture industry.

We have completed one of the largest composite construction in the world (diameter 40 meter – 20 meter deep) – see movie

NS 9416 – certified!!


Meet with us at Cafe` Dublin (Trondheim)
from 5 – 8 pm all days during
Aqua-Nor 2019

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The largest closed fishfarm in the world – made by HighComp AS