Transparency Information

CSUB Group strives to develop solutions in composite materials that reduce cost and carbon footprint. We try to be agile, thrustworthy and treat everybody with respect. We work with customers globally. We measure our carbon footprint and are member of the UN Global Compact. We have a code of conduct for the group that applies to all employees. We also have a sustainability strategy. This infrastructure has been developed during the last few years.

The main products of the CSUB Group are customized composite structures manufactured by vacuum injection. The traditional market for these structures has been the international subsea oil and gas industry. Over the last years the manufacturing of fish tanks for fish farming has also become a substantial part of the business. We have developed several new solutions that reduce carbon footprint and cost for our clients during the last few years. We have also developed solutions for the civil market (bridges and swimmingpools) and the renewable market (wind and floating solar).

 Our customers in the O&G industry are large multinational corporations with strong demand as to traceability and procedures. They regularly audit that we comply with their demands including following up our own suppliers. As part of this we have ensured that our subsuppliers do not use conflict materials. 

Our major materials suppliers supply fibre, resin and ballast. We are not large enough with any of them to have significant impact on their mode of operation. We do regular audits of suppliers to see that they follow up the agreed performance and ethical standards.

We will continue the substantial development done during the last few years and will update this site as we go along.

We value feedback from our customers

Arne Aarvik

Arne Aarvik