HighComp wins exciting contract for 11 fish tanks

For their new fish farming facility at Kvalnes, Andfjord Salmon have hired HighComp for the production of 11 fish tanks for their new, innovative fish farming facilities onshore. The value of the contract is more than 100 million Norwegian krone, making it the biggest contract yet for HighComp.
HighComp wins exciting contract for 11 fish tanks

Active Chairman at Andfjord Salmon, Roy Bernt Pettersen, is excited about the new contract with the GRP-specialist and looks forward to seeing the results:

We are thrilled to announce that one of the most important contracts are in place. These fish tanks are the heart of our facility, where our salmon will have fresh, clear water and an unusually large space.

HighComp will build the first of eleven fish tanks during the next few months, with the rest not far behind.The tanks’ dimensions are 45 x 40 x 20 meters and will have a volume of over35 000 cubic meters.

CEO of HighComp, Anders Holm, is proud that the company is able to take part in such an innovative and sustainable project:

We are proud to take part in the development of amore sustainable and forward-thinking Norwegian seafood industry. Because of its strength, high-quality finish and low Co2 footprint, our fiber glass technology is very well adapted to the fish farming market.

The contract includes engineering, production and assembly of the tanks at Kvalnes.

Andfjord Salmon has a great deal of trust in the EPC and Composite supplier and strongly believes that they will deliver high quality solutions.

In an interview for Andfjord.no, Director for Business Development and Finance at Andfjord Salmon,Helge Krøgenes, boasts about HighComp and its parenting company CSUB, and theirgreat attitude towards the project and their enthusiasm during the process:

CSUB/HighComp has shown a great deal of flexibility and innovative thinking during the engineering phase, as well as documenting that their fish tanks satisfy the requirements for our unique and patented fish farming concept.

HighComp is a specialist on production of large composite constructions. We have completed substantial deliveries for the fish farming market both inland and overseas. CSUB, our parent company, operates mainly in the oil and gas industries, but is increasing its operations within the renewable energy and construction sectors.

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