HighComp signs another contract overseas

– This is a new milestone in our export programme, says business developer for HighComp, Helge Rasmussen, about the new co-operative project on Iceland. In January 2022 HighComp signed a delivery contract (EPCI) with Icelandic stakeholder, Landeldi, for its new fish facility, Deep Atlantic Station.

HighComp has over a number of years supplied optimized solutions for sea and land-based fish farms in the aquaculture market. In 2017 we signed our first export contract with Grieg NL in Canada, which was followed by Proximar Seafood in Japan. We’re now embarking on a new and exciting chapter in Iceland.

– Iceland has seen an enormous growth when it comes to land-based fish production. The country has a natural advantage in terms of stable power supplies, and possesses a broad expertise within salmon farming based on flow-through technology, says Helge Rasmussen.

3D illustration image of Deep Atlantic Station (source: landeldi.is)

Started by a coincidence

HighComp was in a dialogue with Landeldi a year ago, but it was not until the local company, Nordic Clean Pumps, became a supplier to the project, that the two companies met at HighComps premises in Norway. Only a few days after the visit, HighComp’s sales team landed in Iceland, started tendering work and engineering for the future project.

– When Landeldi came to us in November, its schedule was tight. The fact that we were able to mobilize immediately to deliver solutions – was a crucial factor in winning the contract, says Fredrik Faye, Technical Sales Manager of HighComp.

Normally such sales processes take between 1-2 years – but with Landeldi as the other counter part we landed the contract in less than 2 months!

Fish tanks in Norway

HighComps Circular Tanks

Fish tanks with Less-Stress bridges

HighComps octagonal fish tanks

Focus on sustainability

To HighComp a fish tank is not simply a fish tank. A major part of HighComp’s supply is the engineering behind it, and the way we utilize the material properties – given the local requirements relating to earthquake loads etc.

Through close co-operation with Landeldi, HighComp will supply sustainable tank solutions for the first construction phase of the fish-farm facility.

– Our clients produce one of the most sustainable proteins that humans are capable of rearing. We therefore wish to contribute to the production facility becoming as sustainable as possible. Through offering solutions in GRP/composite, we’re ensuring that the customer receives the best, eco-friendly material available for their facilities, Faye states.

HighComps fish tanks are glass-fiber tanks/basins built in a strong and flexible material. Unlike concrete tanks, they leave a much lower CO2 foot-print, and offer shorter construction time. HighComp has also launched new, closed walk-way bridges under the brand of Less-Stress. Here it’s a matter of reducing the stress in fish, and not humans.

– At the end of the day the fish must thrive in our tanks. Having an optimal tank environment ensures that the fish are well. Fish welfare is directly connected to how the fish eat/grow, which is a substantial concern for our customers, Faye says.

HighComp visiting Landeldi on Iceland

HighComp visiting Landeldi in Iceland

A positive view of the future

With ambition of becoming a word-leading solution provider within land-based fish farms, Landeldi is a major milestone in HighComp’s future business efforts.

– Landeldi is an innovative and forward leaning company, and we’re proud to have met a customer who matches us in this regard, Faye says about its new partner.

This project may well be the start of several decades of work in Iceland.

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