HighComp Deliverables

HighComps new overview of deliverables for the aquaculture market.
HighComp Deliverables

HighComp is an EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) supplier, and we pride ourselves with our focus on quality, precision, knowledge and safety. We have more than 30 years experience with the oil and gass industry, as well as extensive knowledge regarding the challenging aspects of subsea operations. Our experience with engineering and QHSE from the offshore industry is the reason we know exactly what makes a long lasting, high quality product for our costumers in their aquaculture operations.

In addition to competitive price, highest finish, 50+ years lifespan and low Co2 footprint, we see that our biggest sales argument these days are reduced project time. All of our products are pre-produced in factory, using the material GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester), also called composite. This is a strong and flexible material, that scores high in many areas. The pre-producing in large elements, gives short assembly at site.

HighComp Deliverables Circular tanks

HighComps Circular Tanks

HighComps Circular Tanks are a standard product in the aquaculture industry, which can be delivered in all sizes, both in height and in diameter. The circular tanks are simple to maintain, provide good water quality and allow operating over a wide range of rotational environment to optimize fish health and conditions.

Fish tanks with Less-Stress bridges

HighComps Octagonal Tanks

HighComps Octagonal Tanks are a concept we have developed over the last years. Our experience and our knowledge lets us develop better, smarter and more enviromentally-friendly solutions. Our clients prefer the octagonal shaped tanks because of its low Co2 imprint.

We are also aware of the fact that our clients have limited space on site, and we understand that “every meters counts”. That is why we designed the octangular shaped tank in a way that increases volume per square meter of approx 15-20%.

LESS-STRESS™ bridges

HighComps LESS-STRESS™ bridge

HighComp have designed, built and testet a composite bridge with several advantages, due to a high demand from our costumers. Our LESS-STRESS™ bridges are made to look visually good with large panels to display your company logo, while also achieving a non-corrosive, high quality finish.

We call our closed designed walk-way-bridges for LESS-STRESS™ bridge, because of the stress reduced advantages. Clients are reporting that reduced noice and -visual impact crossing the fish tanks – results in a less stressed fish.

The closed design also reduces any dirt/bacteria ending up in the fish tank. Our LESS-STRESS™ bridges, as all our products, have 50+ years lifespan, reduces project time, low Co2 footprint, extreme strengt/weight ratio and strong, flexible materials.

HighComp delivers up to 25 meter span without any support needed!

Water Treatment Tanks

HighComps Water Treatment Tanks

HighComp has launched a new product with the same high quality and advantages as our Fish tanks and LESS-STRESS™ bridges. The Water Treatment Tanks is optimal for water purification, and can be delivered in all sizes and variations. The Water Treatment Tank are optimal for storage of various mechanical and biological filters and equipment for removing gasses such as N2 and Co2.

They are build up with the same technology as the octagonal tanks, and makes a good match with our other products.

HighComp’s technology and deliverables are all tanks and auxiliary structures made from composites.

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