Excited management group from HighComp, visiting the giant pool at Andfjord Salmon!

It was with great excitement and satisfaction the management team from HighComp got to inspect the finished pool on Andøya. The pool is now being filled with water and a thorough testing-program will commence.
Even though HighComp has done engineering, production and installation on the enormous structure, it was still breath-taking to view the 35.000 m3 large fish tank. With a dept of more than 20 meters, it felt very safe walking on the LESS-STRESS bridge, also engineered and produced by HighComp.
HighComp Andfjord Salmon GRP pool
Andfjord Salmon’s pool is 45 x 40 x 20 meters/36.000 cubic!
Andfjord Salmon HighComp pool
“We have tested the pool for several weeks and so far everything looks great. We have filled the pool step-by-step and tested the discharge function throughout. This week, the water is at peak level,” says Andfjord Salmon’s CEO, Martin Rasmussen.
Read more around the test program in Andfjord Salmon’s newest update; HERE.
HighComp Andfjord Growout Salmon Farm

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