HighComp to deliver multiple fish tanks for Lumarine AS

HighComp has been awarded the assignment of delivering multiple fish tanks for the Cleaner Fish producer Lumarine AS, at their fish farming facilities at Tjeldbergodden.
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For Lumarine AS, the EPC supplier and composite expert will deliver a large number of fish tanks to Lumarine’s facilities in Nordmøre, completing Lumarine’s expansion of their facilities at Tjeldbergodden.

Lumarine is a farmer of Cleaner Fish, combating the problems that occur from salmon lice, with distribution from their facilities at Tømmervåg, Tjeldbergodden and Sleneset, in the northern part of Norway.

The delivery includes engineering, production and assembly at the site in Nordmøre, Norway and is expected to start during the spring of 2020, with complete delivery within the first quarter of 2021.

HighComp is grateful to Lumarine for this project and looks forward to a great collaboration.

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