Andfjord Salmon - Assembly

The assembly at Andfjord Salmon is moving along! In addition to the pool, we are currently pre-producing 120 meters of our LESS-STRESS bridges, and getting ready for shipment! It is an incredibly exciting process, which HighComp are thrilled to be a part of.
Andfjord Salmon - Assembly

“Welcome to Andøya. We are currently standing 20 meters below the sea surface”

Martin Rasmussen explained, while standing at the bottom of the first pool. Andfjord Salmon posted.

We are excited to deliver our LESS-STRESS bridges, and to see the pool 100% finished in the near future.

Andfjord Salmon has strict requirements from their suppliers. HighComps products are known for its low Co2-footprint, long lifespan and fast assembly.

Andfjord Salmon - Assembly

The pool is 45x40x20 meters / 36.000 cubic!

Andfjord Salmon - Assembly

Screenshot of Andfjord Salmons Water Assembly video

Landbased grow-out is a current megatrend in the aquaculture industry, that challenges conventional caged farming. Many facilities are based on RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) technology. Andfjord Salmon, on the other hand, is based on the flow-trough principle.

The flow-through principle requires little energy, high salmon welfare, no lice, no escape and reuse of waste as fertilizer for agriculture.

Supplier requirements

Andfjord Salmons Supplier Requirements

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