HighComp has produced more GRP Protection Covers than  any other supplier. Both in years(since 1992) and numbers, covering up subsea assets on more than 60 oilfields world wide.


HighComp’s location and facilities reduce our customers risk and cost.

We know that when projects are getting close to mobilization, flexibility from sub-supplier is crucial. Our location has had a positive cost impact on many projects when offshore operations are due.

The fact that we are closest to: most oil-fields, every supply base in Norway, Stavanger, Oslo – has proven beneficial with regard to transportation cost as well as follow-up cost.

HighComp loves large constructions!

Our nature given advantages combined with experience and competence has led our company into large and complex projects/products for the Offshore, Windpower and Aqua Culture industry.

Now we have just completed the largest composite construction i the world with a closed fish-farm (diametre 40 meter, 20 meter deep).

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The largest closed fishfarm in the world – made by HighComp AS