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HighComp EPC Composite Supplier

Since our merger in 2016 – contact www.csub.com for Oil&Gas – related requests!!

We have been involved in major subsea EPC projects. For two decades now we have teamed up with our clients to develop innovative and satisfactory solutions based on best practice and the newest technology. In addition to fabrication and project management, HighComp AS offers CAD, FEM, and testing.



HighComp Subsea Protection Structures


HighComp manufactures various types of protective structures for use in offshore and subsea  installations. In cooperation with our customers, we design and develop special solutions to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of installation.

Our broad expertise includes products such as spool protection covers, template protection covers and open drop object protection covers for deep water installations. For shallow waters, we can design robust hybrid solutions to withstand the effects of waves and currents. HighComp’s customers include some of the world’s leading contractors and engineering companies. Working for the offshore industry has allowed us to achieve a high level in terms of quality and HSE.




Our location is cost saving!

HighComp’s location and facilities compared to our competitors has proven ideal for our customers:

  • Closest to most oil-fields
  • Closest to every supply base in Norway (transportation cost)
  • Closest to Stavanger-1 hour (Follow-up cost)
  • Closest to Gardermoen – 1 hour (Follow-up cost)
  • 2 deep water quays
  • 3.000 m2 quay-side production facilities
  • 20.000 m2 quay-side storage

We know that when projects are getting close to mobilization, flexibility from sub-supplier is crucial. Our location has had a positive impact on may projects when offshore operations are due.
Plenty of quay side storage also has reduced logistic lead time in several projects.