• Aqua Culture

    AquaFarm 40 meter Diameter - finished spring 2013

  • Walk-way bridge

  • Gangbro til oppdrettskar, fiskeoppdrett.

    Walk-way bridge

  • Octogonal shaped tanks

  • AGA Halibut

  • Smolt Tank 16 meter Dia

  • High Finish Smolt Tank Wall

  • EFAF Closed Fish Farm

  • AGA Halibut 25 by 7 meters

  • Aquafarm Equipment 40 by 20 meters

  • Forklift impact test

  • FEM-analysis

  • Octogonal shaped tanks

  • Gangbaner

Aqua Culture

Informasjon på norsk

Why buy fish tanks from Higcomp?

NS 9416 – certified!!

Gelcoated GRP has high strength and a superb long lasting finish (compared to other materials) that reduces dirt accumulation. (Same composition as Yachts). Vacuum infused (VIP) laminate structures can be made in unlimited sizes and gives twice the amount of reinforcement and is “Self-supporting” / no need for formwork / steel plates etc. Use of multiaxial fiberglass fabric - prevents rupture

Reduces building period

  • Our tanks are nearly «finished from factory»
  • Our clients saves months in construction
  • The largest elements – give shortest assembly time

Finish of the highest quality

  • Boat-finish – on milled moulds.
  • Superb finish reduces dirt accumulation.
  • Lasting finish compared to other materials.
  • Gelcoated GRP (same composition as Yachts).

High strength

  • Vacuum infused (VIP) laminate gives twice the amount of reinforcement
  • “Self-supporting” / no need for formwork / steel plates etc.
  • Use of multiaxial fiberglass fabric – prevents rupture
  • Unlimited sizes
  • Optimal to handle seismic loads


  • Documented strength (FEM-analysis)
  • Traceability from raw material – to finished product
  • As-built documentation
  • NS 9416 – sertified!

Environmental friendly

  • Our production is emission free
  • Composite has very low C02-footprint


Our tanks have been tested for:

  • Bolt – pullout
  • Forklift impact
  • Forklift penetration
  • Dropped object
  • Material testing


Tailormade solutions

  • HighComp in Bokn (between Haugesund and Stavanger) has near 20 years of experience in producing composite construcitons for the sub-sea industry as well as windpower etc.
  • We use our offshore experience related to documentation and quality control to ensure we meet our aqua culture customers´ satisfaction. Coming from large scale production, HighComp is taking on more and more tailermade solutions.


New products – 2017

Walk-way – bridges

Due to a high demand from our clients Highcomp has designed, built and tested a composite bridge with the following advantages:

Beautiful visual design

  • illuminated handrails
  • large side panels to display company logo

High finish

  • gel-coated smooth surface
  • less dirt accumulation
  • easy to clean

Light weight

  • easy to install


  • no corrosion
  • low Co2 footprint

Octogonal shaped tanks


HighComp has developed a new system for those of our clients who traditionally have built concrete octogonal tanks. We offer these tanks with the same finish and durability qualities as the circular tanks. The environmental aspect of using more sustainable materials is an increasing concern for our customers. In that respect composite is a number one choice!






References from the largest projects undertaken in the last 5 years:

  • More than 300 tanks
  • 20 different customer/projects
  • Sizes from 3 – 40 meter in diameter